All instruments are made from massive wood. The mostly used types of wood are maple, cedar, mahogany, walnut, zebrano, rosewood, spruce, ebony, for example.

I am able to decorate edges of corpuses, headstocks and sounding holes by wood inlay or by a mother-of-pearl. Fingerboards can be set by brands (various shapes), monograms, or only mother-of-pearl points. The lower guitar boards can be decorated by wood inlay at your request.

It is possible to equip your instrument by a pickup and an electronics of your choice.The instruments´ laquer is high gloss usually, but it is no problem for me to make a matt design, too.

As to parameters of a guitar neck, you would agree on concrete and exact measurements with me - your guitar needs to „fit you like a glove" - as well as it is necessary to specify required details (a protector, pegs in a bridge, strap buttons etc.) in advance.

Your instrument could be ready for you in approximately three or four months. You know: the more haste, the less speed!

The guitars´prices start at 28.000,- Czech crowns. The final price depends on labour, materials prices and „usualness" of your instrument - if you want some special, the price will be higher (logically). I always have some instruments in the state close to completion in my workshop. They are not ordered by anybody, and only wait for their happy owners. If you like design and qualities of them, these instruments can be completed and played themselves in for you nearly at once. The completed instruments with names and prices written in red letters are not ordered, so they are ready for free sale at this moment.

All other questions are welcome - I will be glad to answer you. And many thanks for your interest in my work!

Examples of position markers